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Tara Roskell

Contemporary Artist based in Northamptonshire, England

This is the bit that's supposed to be deep and meaningful isn't it...hmmm, nothing, so I'm just gonna tell it how it is...


After working as a graphic designer for 25 years and creating everything digitally, I lost my love for drawing and painting. It was only after meeting another artist online and setting ourselves creative challenges that I rediscovered my passion for art. We then set up a creative podcast and website encouraging others to be creative called "Kick in the Creatives."


Since then I have been drawing and painting regularly and I recently set myself 60 days of focussed time to find a style I enjoy painting in. I love working with mixed media, in particular, Neocolor Wax pastels and

.creating semi-abstract faces

© 2020 by Tara Roskell

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